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Non-surgical lip fillers can transform your smile and are an excellent way to plump your lips, perfect your pout and prevent the visible signs of ageing. With celebrities such as Kylie Jenner being open about their infamous enhanced lips, the treatment has become more popular than ever. However when people hear the words ‘lip filler’ they immediately think of duck lips or overfilled lips that look very unnatural and can be easily put off the treatment. So we’re here to debunk some of the myths around lip enhancements and assure you that lip enhancements do not always mean duck lips.

Myth #1 Lip fillers stretch your lips out and eventually leave them saggy

This is one of the most common myths around lip enhancement treatments and often leaves patients reluctant to consider it. Patients are fearful that once you start getting lip enhancement treatment you will have to continue getting it done or else your lips will sag. Unless the lips are overfilled, no stretching will occur and therefore no sagging. Lip enhancements involve injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the skin to stimulate collagen production, which is what gives skin its elasticity. This then thickens the outer layer of the skin and smoothes wrinkles even after the filler dissolves. The injections are strategically placed to enhance the volume and definition of the lips to create the perfect pout. So no fear of your lips stretching out. 

Myth #2 It’s obvious when someone has lip fillers

Correct – lip fillers can be obvious however only when lips are extremely large and overdone and more commonly known as ‘duck lips.’ Most people incorrectly associate lip fillers with overdone lips that are usually a result of too much filler and a less than natural aesthetic and shape is wanted. When you choose a reputable clinic such as Sculptic Clinic, our results are tailored to suit each and every client and we can determine from the beginning whether the patient would like a more subtle or dramatic look. We will discuss the options that best suit your face and lips during our initial consultation and we then review these results two weeks after your treatment to ensure you are completely happy with the results.

Lip enhancements

Myth #3 I’m too young or old for lip fillers

Fillers are known for their anti-ageing qualities. The hyaluronic acid triggers collagen in the skin to rejuvenate the chosen areas. As well as this it’s also enhancing the area, adding volume to your pout. Many celebrities of all ages use fillers as part of their beauty regime. From Jennifer Aniston preventing ageing to the infamous Kylie Jenner lips. 

Myth #4 lip fillers are irreversible

We only used hyaluronic acid based fillers. They are non-permanent and completely reversible if needed. This is why a consultation is so important so we can discuss what results you would like to achieve with lip fillers. Your body will naturally break down the filler over time. However if you are unhappy with your results there is always the possibility to instantly dissolve the filler. This is almost always unnecessary but gives you peace of mind that there is an option to reverse the filler if required. We always require our patients to attend a review appointment 2 weeks after their treatment to ensure we have achieved the results they wished for.

Myth #5 A foreign substance is being injected into my face

When using brands that contain hyaluronic acid this is not the case. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in our bodies, the injections containing this simply reintroduce it into our bodies. This then stimulates our natural hyaluronic acid to work hard and provide you with a fuller, plumper look.

Here at Sculptic Clinic our patients come first and your safety and well-being is our highest priority. Arrange a free consultation for lip enhancements and we can discuss your needs and wants to ensure you get your desired results. Fill out a contact form, call us on 028 6634 7721 or email us at